Compound Registration with ChemAxon

webinar · 9 years ago
by Iván Solt (ChemAxon)
Compound Registration

Identification and tracking of molecules in a company database is essential in all fields of chemistry. Researchers need to be able to trace compounds ensuring the uniqueness of each structure in the database. Taken that large corporate chemical databases are expected to handle 100s of thousands of structures with associated chemical and non-chemical data, managing this information flow is obviously a non-trivial task. The representation and proper storage of realistic aspects of synthesized molecules, such as salt/solvate versions and mixtures, introduce further complexity to the problem. ChemAxon’s new Compound Registration is a system built on a set of web services providing a flexible and customizable solution for the above problems. The webinar will give a detailed insight into the functioning and usage of this solution through practical use cases and real life workflows.