ChemAxon Biologics Focus Group

webinar · 7 years ago
by Roland Knispel (ChemAxon)


Wednesday, 24th September, 3 pm - 5 pm


University B & C Room, East Tower, Lobby Level, Royal Sonesta Boston, 40 Edwin H Land Blvd, Cambridge, MA 02142 (Find on Google maps)


Roland Knispel - Biologics Project Leader, ChemAxon

Doug Drake - Account Manager, ChemAxon

Preceding ChemAxon's 7th US user group meeting in Cambridge, we will hold a Biologics Notation and Registration Focus Group session to share and discuss our developments and future directions with ChemAxon's Biologics project.

ChemAxon perceives there is an increasing need to be able to handle complex biomolecular structural information for a variety of current biomolecular therapeutic entities, such as peptides, RNAi, antibodies, ADCs, bivalent antibodies and combinations thereof, in a computationally relevant way. These entities, unlike small molecules, are often described by activity data, relevant synthetic/development data, and further annotations prior to capturing their 2D/3D structural features, yet thoughtful analysis of available data can aid scientists and project managers in their day-to-day decision making.

The purpose and goal of this focus group is to therefore discuss the implicit needs of a biological notation format, and the accompanying data which is required to register unique complex biomolecules to best support decision-making on how to progress a given therapeutical candidate entity, and to assemble a unique and defendable IP package.

This focus group will also discuss tools that can be used to make these biomolecular entities computationally searchable, visualize and display them in useful 2D and 3D depictions, and present auxiliary data such as biological annotations, activity data, as well as design parameters and other precursor information for the benefit of project scientists and managers.

Based upon your therapeutic focus and experience, you have been invited to join our focus group together with other industry peers. We hope you will enjoy free conversation with other industry peers having the same issues and taking part in creating the solution for current R&D challenges.

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