Small Molecule Synthetic Chemistry

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Your Challenge

Much of a scientist’s time is spent trying to reproduce experiments whose data has been lost among spreadsheets or scattered across paper notebooks. While digital tools do exist, they can be difficult to use and are not customisable to the varied workflows of the modern laboratory. The resulting poor quality data can lead to frustration when it comes to IP protection or legacy data migration and hinders the potential of using data-driven methods such as machine learning.

Our Solution

Chemaxon provides a cloud based, laboratory informatics platform, supporting the preparation, execution and detailing of small molecule synthesis experiments.
The notebook is connected to a LabCup inventory that makes it easy to collect and prepare reactants for synthesis. Compound Registration is connected to notebook and inventory, which creates a very accurate and easily accessible data catalogue of product compounds to be used in pharma or life science research. The platform also provides user, application access control and role management for scientific teams. As a cloud based solution, you can access your data remotely – no matter where you work.
The solution is extensible through the Chemaxon Synergy platform with further modules to cover hypothesis management, compound and assay data management, data analytics, semantic search of large document collections. (e.g. Tableau, Egnyte, One Drive, Google Drive, etc.)

Schematic view of our chemical and biological assay management solution


This product is an early release, which highlights key directions of Chemaxon developments. Our team is constantly looking for users who are interested in collaborating with us on the above listed problems and challenges. We organize user research sessions, usability tests with synthetic chemists, medicinal chemists, computational chemists, project managers, laboratory managers in order to improve capabilities and usability of our software.

The complete chemical inventory software and laboratory management enterprise system for industry and research universities.

LabCup provides complete laboratory and research institution software management systems. From full chemical inventory software, risk assessment/COSHH, equipment booking and asset inventory, to live emergency information, LabCup covers a huge range of functionality. LabCup is fully modular, users can choose which modules they require, and is cloud based so available on any device. Designed for the users, to minimise administration and automate procedures – LabCup automatically pulls in chemical data (SDS, GHS, all synonyms, structure, emergency information, and much more) – and this is all used throughout the system, with every chemical and item on the system tracked uniquely by barcode/ID. Multiple processes (including COSHH risk assessment, equipment and room bookings, training records, digital fire registry, purchasing, MAQ monitoring, and much more) can all be handled through LabCup.

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