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Your Challenge

Different sites of multinational companies or smaller collaborating research groups located around the globe face data integrity and security issues. Uploading and sharing large files, juggling with converters to merge information from different file formats and versions, waiting for a collaborator to finish editing a shared file, sorting out versions of the same document due to parallel editing are everyday challenges a scientist has to struggle with.

Our Solution

ChemAxon provides a wide range of software solutions that addresses collaboration and data sharing issues. Chemical intelligence, fast structure-based search and easy filtering rely on our robust core technologies. All of these capabilities are available in collaborative environments (like the cloud, or accessible through the web or Microsoft SharePoint) should the data be accessed via local or remote databases.

Access data through the web

Intuitive software solutions facilitate efficient chemical data storage and knowledge sharing, as well as the exploitation of massive public data repositories. In addition, today’s mobility is paralleled with our state-of-the-art solutions that enable access of data anytime, anywhere via a web browser, a demand that not only characterizes our personal and social life, but not less applies to our professional life.

Flexibility & Customizability

Our web platforms provide great flexibility and customizability to fit the highly diverse requirements of corporate policies. This flexibility also extends to creating vivid data visualization and reporting. The underlying chemical and related scientific data is organized and stored in relational databases allowing quick, secure access and convenient search capabilities.

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