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Your Challenge

Increased capacity, scalability and functionality of a corporate IT infrastructure at a reduced maintenance cost leads to competitive advantage. Cloud based and hosted software solutions can help organizations reaching this goal. However, many times moving chemical databases to the web requires the reassessment of cheminformatics platform, the change of the information architecture or the introduction of best practices. This requests to go beyond the boundaries of the ready-to-use software as a service solutions.

Our Solution

Chemaxon continuously keeps an eye on trends, latest technologies and industrial changes in order to be able to provide the best solutions for its customers to securely manage their scientific data. The core of our work with customers relies on understanding and refining hypothesis, objectives or request and translating them into integrated, cohesive informatics solution that is aligned with customer goals.

Software as a Service Solutions (SaaS)

Our portfolio expanded towards cloud-ready solutions to assist early drug discovery processes. We have brought the wide chemical intelligence of our desktop tools to the cloud. We offer different research platforms to create then register and store chemical compounds or dynamically design ideas on the web. You can further analyse these structures, search and filter the online database, and finally visualize and report the results. Our chemical search capabilities can find similar structures in just seconds even among billions of compounds; or we can locate chemical information in local folders or online data repositories (like Google Drive or DropBox) as well. As a SaaS Chemaxon is also able to detect controlled substances in your dataset; or provide hosted catalogue services.


With the support of our experts across multiple domains we have a proven record of delivering cheminformatics solutions and deal with challenges. Integration of heterogeneous data from within the many disciplines or customization of Chemaxon products in order to fulfill customer’s business rule requirements or execute migration plans are just examples. We work together in a quick turnaround, in iterative style to address any pressing problems customers may have. Patent curation: With our professionals / experts and services we can effectively handle and understand chemical intellectual property information described in patens and provide a full structural description of the patent. This patent curation service of ours provides the full, chemically searchable description of patents.

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