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Controlled substance detection

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Your Challenge

If your company works with chemicals, then it probably works with controlled substances too. To meet the legislative requirements which these controlled compounds are subject to, strict controls need to be implemented through production, purchase, store, transport, and disposal. The identification of compounds that fall under any controlled substances regulation is a critical step of reliable compound compliance management. You must also keep up with the rapidly changing legislation requirements, which cannot be done without continuously updated content.

Our Solution

Compliance Checker is a combination of a software system and a regularly updated content package, providing a flexible tool to screen chemical structures efficiently against the controlling legislation in 18 countries and 5 international regulations. It is available both as SaaS and on-premise distributions. In addition to this functionality, it can be extended with cHemTS our tool designed to assign Harmonized (Tariff) System codes to organic chemicals based on their structures - making the import & export of your compounds easier.

Chemical compliance on the web

Compliance Checker and cHemTS are very easily integrable via web services to any other system, like the corporate electronic laboratory notebook (ELN), compound registration system, inventory, and logistics software. It accepts all industrially acknowledged standard chemical file formats as input and offers both single and file checks with high performance. The reports generated can be easily tailored for all business needs.

Chemistry outsourced - working with CROs

Many of the R&D operations of parent companies are outsourced to contract research organizations (CROs), often located in other countries. Before beginning to work with a CRO, all companies need to check the relevant regulations. You can access the full potential of your collaborators by using Compliance Checker’s cutting-edge knowledge base covering multiple countries.

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