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Your Challenge

Small and medium-sized research teams still tend to keep important scientific data in hundreds of files and folders. It is a tedious job to search through such sets and find relevant information, not to mention the lack of change history. On the other hand, information management systems that store both chemical and biological (assay) data are expensive. The system’s complexity and sensitivity of the data demand regular maintenance of both hardware and software elements. Frequent updates, compatibility issues and changing dependencies are the typical challenges for IT professionals and system administrators maintaining on-premise information management systems.

Our Solution

ChemAxon offers a cost-effective, cloud-based platform that incorporates elements to capture, process and share your scientific data. This collaborative workspace has been designed with small and medium-sized labs in mind to enable immediate integration of data management applications serving small molecule and assay data registration. Even more, our platform may be extended with third party applications to meet the requirements of any complex discovery workflow.

Register chemical structures

Upload your chemical structures from diverse sources into one central repository. Either using the default quality checks or defining your own, you can make sure your unique structures will be trackable throughout the entire research pipeline.

Schematic view of our chemical and biological assay management solution

Upload processed assay data

Just drag your files into the browser or drop them in a designated folder. Your data will be uploaded intelligently, structured and standardized, ready to be found by your collaborators. For added security and confidentiality, you may restrict access of your contract researchers.

Search and report your data

Display structure-activity relationships (SAR) on responsive form views to support your decision making, and create interactive charts to boost your reports. Share reports online or export as an SDF, an XLSX or a printable PDF.

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