Compound and Assay Data Management with the Chemaxon DataLink platform

Integrated data platform to enable fast, data-driven decision-making.

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Your Challenge

  • Access data related to preclinical research for small molecule discovery on one platform to find your drug candidate
  • Optimize your leads by analyzing your underlying chemical and biological data
  • Register compounds, upload related assay data and perform advanced analysis in Tableau where the visualization can be a plot, chart, and/or text analysis to infer the relationship between structures and their activities
  • Enable more efficient progression of your chemical series
  • Smoothly handle a large number of compounds and their associated calculated and measured data sets
  • Collaborate easily with medicinal chemists, assay scientists, and computational chemists

Our Solution

The Chemaxon DataLink platform focuses on the analysis part of the Design-Make-Test-Analyse (DMTA) cycle in early drug discovery for small molecules. It helps to manage your data until you find your suitable preclinical candidate by supporting the optimization of your leads.

Chemaxon’s cloud solution for compound and assay data management provides a platform for project teams to register their compounds, upload associated assay data and visualize/ analyze in Tableau (included), the market-leading business intelligence tool coupled with Chemaxon’s chemical capabilities. It provides a solution to biotech companies, CROs and pharma to query, analyze, and present their data related to small molecule early drug discovery in order to make the best, data-driven decision in order to find their drug candidates.

Use the Chemaxon DataLink platform to combine and connect compound and assay data, and any sort of related documents:

Register chemical structures

Upload your chemical structures from diverse sources into one central repository. Either using the default quality checks or defining your own, you can make sure your unique structures will be trackable throughout the entire research pipeline.

Upload processed assay data

Just drag your files into the browser or drop them in a designated folder. Your data will be uploaded intelligently, structured and standardized, ready to be found by your collaborators. For added security and confidentiality, you may restrict access of your contract researchers.

Schematic view of our chemical and biological assay management solution

Manage your research related documents

Perform chemical-, freetext-, and metadata searches on your documents on OneDrive or Google Drive. Connect all of your documents to specific compounds by their ID assigned by our registration system in order to organize your analysis reports, safety sheets, or any kind of documents, even legacy ones.

Search, report and visualize your data

Use the widespread functionalities of Tableau to create charts, filters, and dynamic views supported by Chemaxon chemistry to find structure-activity relationships (SAR). Analyze your legacy literature, primary literature, analysis reports, or any additional documents with your latest compound and assay data to have a holistic view of your chemical space in Tableau.

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