New educational experience from ChemAxon with built in chemical intelligence

Zosimos core vision is to help chemistry and biochemistry classes improve their knowledge by interactive homework quiz creation, evaluation, publishing and searching.
Popular ChemAxon tools Marvin JS, BioEddie and JChem Base are used to automatically evaluate and grade students' assignments. ChemAxon provides an open cloud-based learning community to enhance classroom collaboration and increase the effectiveness of learning.
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Assigning assessment to students

ChemAxon’s Zosimos platform can help you save time by allowing you to create interactive chemistry quizes. You can invite students to your private study group and assign assessments to them. Zosimos is available in a form of web application for laptop and tablet. The new education framework provides an open learning community and enhances collaboration to increase the effectiveness of learning. Giving teachers powerful tools to help with testing, classroom collaboration and progress tracking. We offer service based subscriptions for learning communities and integration possibility for universities/high-schools.

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