New educational experience from Chemaxon with built in chemical intelligence

Zosimos saves time for teachers by helping chemistry and biochemistry classes advance through automatically evaluated, interactive quizzes and assessment.
Built on Chemaxon tools for effective learning and classroom collaboration, Zosimos' cloud-based learning community is open to all. Zosimos takes away the headache of software installation and we provide a ready to use service for chemistry or biochemistry teaching.
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Create quizzes

Create your own quiz with built-in structure drawing ability for your organic chemistry classes, or search for quizzes made by other Zosimos users.

Invite your students

Invite students to your class with an automatically generated join link. After a simple link share, class members can start practising.

Add class activity

Share practice quizzes or make assessments for your students. Your students can start practising on their own and receive immediate results while learning the fundamentals of organic chemistry like structure and bonding, functional groups and chemical reactivity.

Review results

Evaluate tests and homework digitally with the help of automated grading. It saves time - and what’s more, statistics on the progress of students is collected and visualised for you.

Learning Management System Integration

You can create chemistry practice quizzes and students can access them directly through Moodle, Canvas, Blackboard, Brightspace, RealizeIT, or Sakai.

With easy access to class materials through your learning management system, students can take the quizzes multiple times. Results and grades are automatically synced so you can follow their progress seamlessly in the LMS.

LMS Integration with Zosimos

Single sign on
Easy access to class materials, no need to register into a new system.

Automated evaluation
Quizzes are automatically evaluated by Zosimos system.

Grade Sync
Results and grades are synced automatically to the learning management system.

Limitless practice
Students can take the quizzes multiple times.

Track student activity
See how students progress with their quizzes.

Share content with your co-instructor.


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