Pipeline Pilot Components

Access ChemAxon's leading chemistry tools from Pipeline Pilot

Lead by the aspiration to enable ChemAxon technologies in versatile informatics environments, comprehensive Pipeline Pilot component collection is being developed and supported free of charge. This enhances the integration capabilities of the ChemAxon technologies to widen the scope of chemistry related Pipeline Pilot workflows. By standing on the strength of both Pipeline Pilot and ChemAxon, users can find straightforward solutions of their problems.

Available ChemAxon functionalities

Most ChemAxon tools are available in Pipeline Pilot to serve the needs in a broad spectrum from individual workflows solving custom tasks up to highly complex automation processes of large enterprises. Excerpt list pointing to the important integrated functionalities:

  • Marvin JS chemical editor
  • Chemical Structure Representation Toolkit - including Standardizer, a canonicalization tool and Structure Checker, a batch tool for checking and fixing structures
  • Reactor, a chemically intelligent virtual reaction tool
  • JChem Engines - including JChem Base, a chemical database manager and search engine; JChem Web Services; JChem Oracle Cartridge and JChem PostgreSQL Cartridge search
  • Compound Registration
  • JChem for Office - including the Excel add-on: import and export of “live” structures
  • Markush enumeration
  • Chemical Name and Structure Conversions
  • Chemical Data Extraction - including Document to Structure for extracting chemical information from documents
  • Property predictor and calculator tools like logP, logD, pKa, tautomerization and conformer generation tools
  • Compliance Checker
  • Pipeline Pilot workflow with ChemAxon components

    About Pipeline Pilot

    Pipeline Pilot, BIOVIA's scientific informatics platform, was designed by scientists for scientists. It aggregates and provides immediate access to the volumes of disparate research data locked in silos, automates the scientific analysis of that data and enables researchers to rapidly explore, visualize and report research results. Pipeline Pilot and its integrated set of applications address the modeling and simulation, informatics and scientific businesses intelligence needs of research and development organizations. A key strength of the platform is the ability to manage and synthesize scientific information in a way that allows you to rapidly adjust workflows, optimize research cycles and respond to changing market conditions. ChemAxon is an Independent Software Vendor (ISV) Partner of BIOVIA.