Marvin Pro

Web-based chemistry editor for publication-quality figures

Marvin Pro is our chemical drawing solution that combines Chemaxon technology with a clean and simple graphical user interface. Chemists, researchers and students can convert their thoughts into high-quality visual representation in no time. Marvin Pro handles a large number of objects – chemical structures, arrows or texts – on a single canvas, while aligning them with absolute precision.

Draw and publish seamlessly with Marvin Pro

In a single window, we support all the steps in your process, from drawing to publication to a presentation or research paper. You can quickly and easily work with Marvin Pro features.

Draw structures rapidly

Our users can express the chemical structure they have in mind from idea to visualization and publication with our simple and intuitive solution. Chemical editors should not be complicated. Marvin Pro is easy to learn and use.

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Drawing as fast as possible

Publication-level visual quality

The aesthetic of any chemical drawing should be in line with the quality and the effort put into research. Take advantage of the high-quality visuals when presenting your work to impress your audience. Learn more in the section 'How do I?'

Curcuminoids in Turmeric

High-performance web component

Bring the technical standards of a desktop solution into your browser window. Just click open to access its full power and get your work done smoothly. No need to download, install and worry about license keys. Marvin Pro is extended with a web-native file format, Chemaxon Object Notation (CXON) . Unlike previous formats, it understands the rich content of your drawings like images and enhanced visuals.

Guided creativity

We know that the creative process is rarely linear. Easily organize your different molecules and other graphical objects - let the canvas become an extension of your mind.

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  • Use publication-ready ACS style
  • Easily add predefined structure templates or chemical labels
  • Highlight or color your chemical structures
  • Position your elements on the canvas precisely with the alignment guidelines
  • Display formula or calculate chemical properties of a structure
  • Beautify your 2D chemical structures with one click
  • Insert images from external sources
Smart Selection

For a complete list, see Tools Overview and comparison of Marvin JS and Marvin Pro Feature Sets.

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