JChem for Office Lite

The lightweight version of JChem for Office making chemistry happen in Word, PowerPoint & Outlook

With the elimination of the ribbon and the advanced functions, Lite loads quicker and runs smoother than ever

JChem for Office, Simplified

Alongside the ribbon, the need for difficult structure display options in the Office applications is also gone; display options can be now be changed in the editor of the user’s choice. JChem for Office Lite Context Menu

Ensure cooperation between users with different chemical editors

Lite is ideal for users who only want to copy and paste single structures from chemical editors to Office applications. The pasted structures then can be edited as seamlessly as in JChem for Office.

Supported Office versions

Office 2010 || Office 2013 || Office 2016 || Office 2019 || Office 365 Desktop

Work on structures regardless of what editor they use

JChem for Office Lite automatically detects and uses the most appropriate renderer for any given format; this currently means either Marvin or ChemDraw. Moreover, the unique drawing style of the renderer is applied to structures regardless of their format.

The copy-paste function works with all editors currently supported in JChem for Office

A Lite license enables structure editing with a double-click in the editor of the user’s choice. Changing the renderer and the editor can be easily done through context menu items. Chemical functions used in JChem for Excel

Experience the lightness and speed of Lite with a full JChem for Office license

Users can easily switch between these two solutions. Switching is possible either globally for all supported Office applications or independently for each application.