Design Hub

A single platform that connects scientific rationale, compound design and computational resources.
This is ChemAxon’s design hub for medicinal chemistry from analysis to prioritizing ideas.
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Scientific rationale

Labs use the Design Hub to collect evidence from biological assays or experimental structural information.
Create a graphical representation of your hypothesis.
Foster teamwork by sharing and prioritizing team goals.
Continuously learn from new findings while building a knowledge base accessible to your whole team.

Scientific rationale in ChemAxon's Design Hub

Compound design

Design, iterate on compounds and series with the goal of proving or disproving a hypothesis.
Express your ideas as a virtual library with automatic enumeration.
Visualize compounds in the binding pocket of the target.
Analyze synthesis routes and choose from variations based on building block availability.
Check freedom to operate, or find relevant published literature.
Prioritize and track progression of designs, visualize your progress on project tracking boards.

Compound Design in ChemAxon's Design Hub

Computational resources

Use the Design Hub to connect to any source of phys-chem, in vitro, in vivo, MMP or machine learning models.
Browse the huge library of plugins available.
You can swiftly search commercial catalogs, public assay databases, patent databases public or in-house customizable visualization for the task, without any rigid templates.

User Stories

Design HUB for Drug Discovery

This application study will put Design Hub, our design and idea management platform in the focus.

Design Hub End User View

The talk covers the implementation of Design Hub in the scope of BI’s eDesign landscape.

Patent application management using ChemCurator and Design Hub at Sprint Bioscience

Sprint Bioscience develops small molecule medicines, focusing on cancer and tumor metabolism.