Biomolecule Toolkit

Merging chemistry and biomolecules

Extend data management capabilities for biomolecules from early discovery to late stage development.

Novel therapeutics like peptides and oligonucleotides are biologically derived biomolecules which can provide the possibility to hit undruggable targets. To enhance their properties including stability, half-life and cell penetration, chemical modifications are applied.

The Biomolecule Toolkit helps scientific organizations to complement established cheminformatics and bioinformatics suite of tools with awareness for chemically modified peptides, oligonucleotides and their conjugates. The toolkit ships with a REST web service API for easy integration and is the first commercially available toolkit supporting the HELM standard.


  1. Support chemically-modified biomolecules
  2. Obtain full or partial chemical and biological information
  3. Calculate biomolecule properties

Cys–Tyr–Ile–Gln–Asn–Cys–Pro–Leu–Gly– NH2



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