Draw & visualize complex biomolecules on web

Visualizing complex biomolecule drawings in your browser is a vital asset of bio-based drug discovery. BioEddie bridges the gap between small and macromolecule editing with its simple sketch system; allowing users to define and share structurally complex biomolecules - effortlessly! The novel sketching tool creates exact chemical descriptions for heterogenous products, with the capability to narrow down fully characterized to fully unknown molecules and biological sequences - not excluding exotic bioconjugates. Turning individual or collective ideas into tangible visuals becomes an achievable goal with the BioEddie tool.
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Drawing Complex Biomolecules on the Web

ChemAxon’s BioEddie encourages project teams to define, visualize, and share structurally complex biomolecules with ease. Growing biotechnology industry demands shed a spotlight on the need for a bio-sketching tool - Hence, BioEddie was born, and a solution for the demand was created.

BioEddie is a combination of state-of-the-art JavaScript technology (an intuitive user interface) with a simple API to create an easy-to-use, versatile, browser-based tool, which is readily integrated with existing web-enabled software tools. BioEddie makes visually pleasing biological sketches feasible.


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