SureChEMBL is a new resource provided by the European Bioinformatics Institute (EMBL-EBI) that annotates, extracts and indexes chemistry from full text patent documents by means of continuous, automated text and image mining. SureChEMBL is perhaps the only open, freely available, live patent chemistry resource available, in a field that has been traditionally commercial.

Since its launch last September, the SureChEMBL interface provides sophisticated keyword and chemistry-based querying and exporting functionality against a corpus of more than 16 million compounds extracted from 13 million patent documents. Both the interface and the underlying data pipeline leverage extensively ChemAxon technologies for name to structure conversion, as well as compound standardisation, registration and searching.

In addition to providing an overview of the system, recent developments and improvements will be described. These include the introduction of various data interexchange and exporting options, such as flat files and a data feed client. Furthermore, our future plans for the SureChEMBL system will be outlined. To date, such plans include complementing the chemical annotations with biological ones, covering genes, proteins, diseases and indications. Furthermore, we are planning to further enrich the chemical annotations with a relevance score, indicating their importance in the patent document.

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