New Developments of Markush Structure Handling in Patent and Combinatorial Chemistry

presentation · 10 years ago
by Iván Solt (ChemAxon)
Markush search Markush enumeration

Markush structures are widely used in combinatorial libraries and chemical patents. However, the flexibility and complexity of Markush structures make them difficult to create, index, visualize, search, and enumerate. Recent improvement of ChemAxon’s applications makes Markush structure handling easier and more efficient. This presentation will give an overview of ChemAxon’s latest Markush technology, including various Markush variations supported, Markush navigation, enumeration and creation. Now our technology also has the capability to search the full Thomson Reuters database, including Markush and exemplified structures, and other data, via Amazon Cloud. Recent development added new features, such as adding notation, batch search of multiple queries, retrieving patent documents, etc. All these features are seamlessly integrated with the latest Markush search interface.

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