Migrating away from ISIS with ChemAxon's help

presentation · 9 years ago
by Debra Kassabian (Novartis)
JChem Cartridge Instant JChem

ISIS software has been used at Novartis for years to draw structures, manage personal substance and reaction collections, access shared databases. Last year NIBR IT decided to move to a more modern platform. New tools were evaluated and chosen to replace ISIS/Draw, ISIS/Suite and ISIS/Host. Scientists participated actively in shaping the new solutions. ISIS/Draw is being replaced by Chemdraw. JChem Cartridge is being installed on all new chemistry databases. Instant JChem has been selected as the tool to manage local databases and as an interface to several remote ones, including the research data warehouse, ACD and a vendor screening sample collection. Finally, to replace an ISIS/Host database of historical internal reactions and allow improved searching of our ELN, we have collaborated with ChemAxon to develop a new system for searching and browsing chemical reaction data. The system, which provides both a web-based UI and a web-services interface, was designed to accommodate data from both the historical ISIS databases as well as our current ELN. We focused on ease of use, maintainability, and flexibility.

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