Extracting Chemical Information within Documents - from Desktop to Enterprise

presentation · 8 years ago
by Daniel Bonniot de Ruisselet, David Deng (ChemAxon)
chemicalize.org Naming Document to Structure Chinese Name to Structure Document to Database

By providing reliable name to structure conversion, Naming has become the backbone of ChemAxon's chemical text mining tools, such as Document to Structure, JChem for SharePoint and chemicalize.org. In this presentation, a new addition to the text mining family, Document to Database will be introduced. Document to Database can continuously index chemical information from documents in a repository system (e.g. Documentum). Document to Database also provides a web interface, in which users can perform chemical search within the documents, or view the augmented documents with chemical information annotated. In addition to the Document to Database demonstration, the new improvements in Naming will also be covered, including Chinese chemical name recognition to accommodate the fast growing Chinese scientific literature; custom corporate ID to structure conversion via web service; and accuracy improvements.

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