Cheminfo Stories 2021 Virtual UGM Asia Pacific Edition: A data story

presentation · 1 year ago
by Jonathan Buttrick
Compound Registration Assay Data Management Design Hub

Management and use of data in life science research and development is not a trivial task. This data comes in many forms, from many sources, and can be voluminous. Efficiently capturing data and storing it in highly structured ways can greatly improve what can be learned and used to make informed decisions. Incorporating informatics into R&D can greatly improve the efficiency of data capture while also preventing error and aiding in collaboration. In this presentation I will show you how ChemAxon’s DataLink fits within the cloud based Synergy platform. We will take a look at DesignHub, Compound Registration, ChemAxon Assay, and Tableau with ChemAxon extensions as we follow a hypothetical story of a medicinal chemist working through the DMTA cycle in their drug discovery research.