ChemAxon for Bench Scientists (Instant JChem and Plexus, JChem for Office, Marvin, Workflows)

presentation · 7 years ago
by Anna Tomin (ChemAxon)

As scientists we need to generate, retrieve and manipulate new data as part of our job. Sometimes simple Excel worksheets are not sufficient solution in the modern era of drug discovery, development and beyond. In this session you will have the opportunity to learn how you can use and integrate ChemAxon’s tools to solve your day-by-day tasks more quickly and efficiently. Whether you prefer a desktop, web-based or touch screen application, we have a solution. Learn how to manipulate your data using Instant JChem (on your desktop or via Web layer) or draw sophisticated queries using Marvin or our new addition Marvin for JavaScript (Marvin JS), export and explore chemistry with the ubiquitous Excel using the JChem for Excel plugin and features of JChem for Office. Integrate our tools in Pipeline Pilot and KNIME protocols and generate new data to expedite your processes. Also learn how our newest tool, ChemAxon Plexus, will help you do you tasks on desktop using web technology.