IDBS & ChemAxon: A Covalent Bond in Partnership

presentation · 5 years ago
by Ian Peirson (IDBS)
JChem Base Compound Registration Marvin JS Marvin Live

IDBS are strategically migrating the E-WorkBook electronic laboratory notebook (ELN) to a modern web-enabled architecture and interface. As part of the re-development of the chemistry ELN, IDBS chose to partner with ChemAxon, given their expertise in chemical and biological molecule representation.
Marvin JS and JChem was implemented in E-WorkBook v10.0 in December 2015, and IDBS released the first version of the stoichiometry component in June 2016, to support discovery chemists. In addition to molecule handling and naming, IDBS have developed direct integrations to ChemAxon’s Compound Registration. IDBS have also worked with ChemAxon to develop proof-of-concept integrations to other modules, to harmonise chemists’ workflows and to facilitate the simple exchange of data.

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