ChemAxon and Top Hat Collaborate, Integrate Chemical Drawing in Education Application

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BUDAPEST, Hungary and TORONTO and NEW YORK, October 10, 2017 /PRNewswire/--

In the fast-paced world of technology, engaging digital teaching methods are becoming essential. Top Hat collaborated with ChemAxon to integrate Marvin JS and JChem Web Services into Top Hat's digital learning platform application; to ultimately boost learning support and connect educators with students through innovative teaching methods. The Top Hat platform empowers professors by turning distracting mobile devices into learning opportunities. The company partnership was born when the popular Marvin JS chemical drawing tool was integrated into Top Hat's education platform-further contributing to proactive student engagement by offering students more interactive drawing and easy molecule formulation. Over 10,000 students now use Top Hat's ChemAxon-enhanced Organic Chemistry textbook.

"Educators at 750-plus universities and colleges rely on Top Hat"

ChemAxon and Top Hat make fitting partners since Marvin JS has all the capabilities needed for classrooms and educational environments.Marvin JS has a well-designed interface that is easy-to-use for drawing and contains all the basic chemistry elements. Marvin JS is an intuitive, student-friendly tool that aids in the learning process for professors and students alike.

"We're honored that more and more academic institutions and education content providers choose Marvin JS as their designated chemical editor. We've recognized that each education-driven usage is unique; usually focusing on different segments of chemistry with distinctive teaching methods. The people at Top Hat really understand the capabilities of Marvin JS by creating an engaging environment for students and teachers." - Eufrozina Hoffmann, Product Owner of Marvin JS says. "Students can even use the skill-set they acquire using Marvin JS through Top Hat's platform later on in their professional life- Considering Marvin JS is widely used in professional chemical applications, collaboration tools and Electronic Lab Notebooks today."

"Our mission at Top Hat is to make learning more fun and effective with intuitive technology and engaging educational content. By integrating Marvin JS and JChem Web Services into our Organic Chemistry textbook, we've been able to ensure students get access to a superior educational experience." - Mohsen Shahini, Chief Academic Officer, Top Hat

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