ChemAxon and Simmaren Form Strategic Partnership to Accelerate the Development of New Software for the Prediction of Human Drug Metabolism

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Reactor Metabolizer Calculator Plugins (logP logD pKa etc...)

Budapest, Hungary and Auckland, New Zealand, December 12, 2017

In recognition of the growing problem caused by the cost of drugs failing in the clinical phase – ChemAxon and Simmaren joined in a partnership to create new drug metabolite prediction technology. Simmaren will build new software for the prediction of xenobiotic metabolites based on the experience gained by ChemAxon during the development of its proprietary Metabolizer product. Furthermore, Simmaren will integrate other ChemAxon tools like Reactor and Calculator Plugins into its software. Technical support for existing users of Metabolizer will be handled by Simmaren - so stay tuned!

"We have been committed to the delivery of innovative software products for pharmaceutical research for 20 years, and Simmaren is a well equipped company for making a new generation of drug metabolism prediction software." - says Ferenc Csizmadia, the founder CEO of ChemAxon. "It was an easy decision to form an alliance with Simmaren, as György had designed and developed several products at ChemAxon before he moved to New Zealand. We strongly believe that our software components and the knowledge base we built in Metabolizer will be in the best hands with Simmaren, and they will create exciting new products for the pharmaceutical industry."

"We are proud to become a partner of ChemAxon" - says György Pirok, the founder CEO of Simmaren. "We strongly believe that our software products and services will assist scientists to design more efficient and safer drugs, and help pharmaceutical companies to reduce the risk of clinical phase failures in drug development. To achieve this mission, we will build on the heritage of ChemAxon's Metabolizer technology, and develop new products using ChemAxon’s world-class cheminformatics toolkit. Taking part in its development in the past, we will provide support to the current users of Metabolizer."

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About Simmaren Simmaren is a scientific software development start-up based in Auckland, New Zealand. We focus on the development of software tools for the prediction of drug metabolites to make drug discovery more successful and efficient. To learn more, visit