Changes in our EULA

news · 5 years ago

ChemAxon’s end user license agreement (EULA) has reached a rather advanced age. It was initially created almost 20 years ago, regulating all types of licenses - like academic and commercial licenses. Since then, we’ve continuously injected minor changes into our legal framework. However with the latest developments, we introduced new licensing methods, and some of our concepts had to be reviewed, tuned or extended.

All these changes really cried out for a new EULA, that will come into effect on the 1st of January, 2018. This short post aims to take you through the most important news in our EULA.


On the very first note, some of our brand new license types (like Compliance Checker license, ChemCurator license with CLiDE, Evaluation Licenses, Developer Licenses or Catalogue Licenses) entered our agreement. We especially bring to your attention, you should take care of bundled third party software licenses. EULA will continue to be up for change any time, so it’s your responsibility to regularly read it through and comply with it. Even though, we are a really friendly company, and we prefer to exclude legal authorities when settling disputes; we will rely on an arbitrator in Hungary if needed.


There are many lines in our new EULA that use the old regulation as a basis, and extend, tune or describe previous license usage. A rather important change is that we have extended to our users, the usage of: Calculator Plugins,Chemical Name and Structure Conversion and Compliance Checker. We do not only consider those who work with our software as users; but also who can access the results of the above mentioned tools. We kindly ask you to request our permission before you change any branding elements on our tools, and also if you want to publish the results of a benchmark test. We also extended the limitations of liabilities to our affiliates in the US or in Europe. You will lose your right to request any compensation from ChemAxon with the termination of the EULA; however, if you breach the agreement we can question you even after the termination.

These were only some of the most important changes to mention, still if you want more details, please read through the human readable summary of changes and the entire text of our end user license agreement: