Product Manager Bootcamp for people with scientific background - starts in November 2022

Budapest, Hungary

Thinking about a change of career where you can use your scientific knowledge?

The laboratories of today and the future will all be based around data; predicted, collected, created, analyzed by software. Would you like to be a part of this revolution in science? Do you want to have a large scale impact on it? Our Product Manager position with an integrated bootcamp is an ideal choice for those who would like to change their career by jumping into the world of Software Product Management, but want to stay close to science as well.

Meet Chemaxon

Chemaxon is a software development company working in the field of life sciences with 600+ clients globally, including most of the top 50 pharmaceutical companies. We are respected globally for making the best cheminformatics tools in the industry for early phase drug discovery.

We want to be the number one choice research and development platform for 100 000 scientists across the Earth and we need your help to achieve that!

We offer an opportunity to change your career and become a Software Product Manager at Chemaxon. Work with us and build on your scientific expertise to understand other scientists’ needs and build amazing products that surpass their expectations to earn a healthy profit. Your role will be to identify customer and market needs, build products with your engineering and user experience colleagues, help define the business model of your products and successfully bring them to market.

No foreknowledge is required in the field of Product Management, business or software development. After a successful application, we will offer you a full-time employment contract starting with our 3-month long bootcamp to acquire the basic knowledge to be able to lead a product team

What do Product Managers do?

Product Managers are the leaders behind software product development. They identify trends in the market, constantly collect and monitor user needs and try to find solutions for those needs that can be profitably sold on the market. They are comfortable working with business and user data and constantly seeking improvement opportunities. Good product managers work closely with their engineering, user experience, team coach and data scientist colleagues, so they build products quickly and efficiently. Product Management is a high-pressure business focused role where you constantly need to juggle between many priorities and expectations of many different stakeholders, tight deadlines and resource constraints, so being able to make decisions quickly and to say “no” frequently is essential for the role.

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What do we offer?

  • An intensive hands-on training by experienced product managers, engineers and user researchers
  • Full-time employment
  • Excellent Salary package
  • Long term mentoring for professional development
  • Opportunity to have a career path
  • Dynamically growing company with strong foundations
  • Supportive friendly environment
  • Complex international clients & projects
  • Personal development budget for conferences and trainings
  • Remote working opportunities: hybrid-way of working (8 days/month home office + remote work contribution)
  • Private health insurance

What do we expect?

  • Master’s degree or doctorate in any life science discipline with a strong chemistry OR biology background
  • 1-3 years of industrial experience in drug discovery or a related field
  • Openness & commitment to change your profession
  • Excellent English language skills (both written and spoken)
  • Good communication & presentation skills
  • Practical, data driven approach to problems
  • You want to deliver results
  • Lifelong learning approach
  • Business acumen and business logic
  • User problem centric thinking

Your responsibilities:

  • Define the scope of the product
  • Make sure the right product gets built quickly and efficiently
  • Help define the business model for the product (eg. price, target customers)
  • Make sure the product is launched successfully
  • Constantly evaluate performance and improve the product based on that
  • Keep customers, users and internal stakeholders satisfied with the product
  • Ensure the evolution and profitability of your product

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About Us:

We have offices in 4 countries and our 250 people send around 8500 slack messages on a more active day. We have a modern office, with free coffee, snacks, a pool table and ping pong. Our coffee machine is not a fancy one with hand-picked coffee beans, but there are fancy small cafes, and plenty of lunch opportunities near the Váci Greens Office Park. There’s even an option to have lunch cooked at the office once a week. Chemaxon promotes a healthy lifestyle, people working here are often attending sport activities

Chemaxon is a family friendly company and we respect your free time.

We offer competitive salaries, flexible working hours and the opportunity to really grow in an innovative company.

By the way, we have been building chemistry and biology-related products since 1998 with clients from the top 20 pharmaceutical companies.

For some info on ChemAxon, you can check our these videos:

How to apply?

If you are interested please send your CV and your motivational letter by clicking the "Apply now" button below.