Find your flow

In an agile enviroment where life science meets software development.

Balance of Work & Life

Passion for learning

It is important to be up-to-date with the latest technology and practices and learn new things. Our internal events (Hackathon, Innovation days) and external training programs support this goal.

Take a break

Are you pro pingpong player? Or a billiards champion? Grab a coffee, some snack and fruit; and challenge your skills in our lobby area. Or just take a break on a comfy couch and watch others rocking the pub games.

Family-friendly office

The school finished at two or is there a school holiday? Let your kids do their homework here! We have a playing corner for the little ones in our lobby.

Get social

We try to keep a healthy balance between work and fun. Internal events bring you closer to other colleagues. We skate, cook, watch movies, play board games together quite often (and yes, “one beer” can be a program too).

All assets provided

Working environment is to help you focus on your tasks, and boost your performance. In our offices everything is there at your fingertips to stay focused: tech equipments, all kind of cables, professional literature, coffee or snack.

Keen on sports

Do you like running races? Relaxing during a yoga session on a Friday afternoon in the office? Or just playing basketball with the CEO? We have several options for those who like sports. :)

Our Culture

Be the part of our world and our corporate philosophy.

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