Chemaxon User Meeting Europe 2022

May 29 – 31, 2022 · Budapest, Akvarium Klub

Since 2019 we have all become experts at remote collaboration, Teams, Zoom, Skype and more.
We are especially excited to announce our upcoming User Meeting, hoping to meet all of our peers in person in Budapest at the end of May.

About the event schedule: May 29th, Sunday we will kick off with an informal get-together probably at our event venue starting from 5 PM. The first meeting day and our traditional gala dinner will take place on May 30th, and we will finish around 3 PM on Tuesday, May 31st. Please scroll down for a more detailed agenda, and stay tuned for more details to come. If you have any questions, or inquiries ping us at [email protected].


May 29 [SUN]

    05.00 PM - Evening social, in the Akvárium Klub, our venue for the event

May 30 [MON]

    08.00 AM - Registration opens @ the Akvárium Klub
    09.00 AM - Opening & Portfolio overview by Chemaxon
    10.00 AM - Lab Workflow Session: Registration of small and biomolecules, capture laboratory data; featuring LabCup and XiMo on stage; and we will announce our new generation Marvin chemical editor, called Marvin Pro


    11.20 AM - Lab Workflow Session continues

    12.10 PM - LUNCH

    01.10 PM - Design New Molecules Session: Highlighting the greatest news of Design Hub extended with machine learning capabilities; featuring retrosynthesis story, and Merck KGaA presentation about identifying controlled substances


    03.10 PM - Design New Molecules Session continues with Certara integrating D360 with Design Hub, Boehringer Ingelheim user story about how they see good use of Design Hub, Elsevier retrosynthesis and Markush Editor news, featuring Bayer Pharma user presentation
    04.35 PM - Parallel hands-on workshops: Our new Marvin Pro and Machine learning with our calculators

    05.00 PM - END OF THE DAY

    06.00 PM - Transfer to Gala Dinner
    06.30 PM - Evening Social and Gala Dinner
    09.30 PM - First transfer back to the venue from Gala Dinner

May 31 [TUE]

    08.30 AM - Registration opens @ the Akvárium Klub
    09.00 AM - Industry Trends & Technology Session kicks off with a keynote by Pistoia Alliance's John Wise; continues with a panel discussion talking about trends in the industry


    11.00 AM - Industry Trends & Technology Session looks into the technology directions of the company - in a talk by our CTO, followed by a presentation by AWS; we continue with a JChem migration story and announcing our new chemical format, CXON
    12.10 PM - Lunch
    01.00 PM - Hands-on Workshop for users (scroll down for further details)
    01.00 PM - Integration Partner Session: a lightning round introduction of our reseller partners
    03.50 PM - End of the Event

Please note that you can join to our program series at any point - including the workshop as well. If you plan to join a workshop, please bring your own laptop. You will not need anything to pre-install, we only ask for a recent version of Chrome browser intalled on your computer. Later we will update you about any changes we might have. Lunch, breaks and social program will be covered throughout the meeting.


In 2022 we included hands-on workshops in the main program to enhance your take-away from our conference. Following the talks you can try the software we and our users talked about.

To be able to give it a try, please bring your own laptop. You will not need anything else, only a recent version of Google Chrome browser. The rest is upon us. If you need a loaner laptop, let us know a week before the event, and we will provide one for you.

MAY 30 - Marvin Pro hands-on workshop: we will announce the newest generation of our Marvin product family, and you will have the opportunity to try the capabilities of our chemical editor.

MAY 30 - Trainer Engine hands-on workshop: try our newest addition to our calculations, enabling machine learning techniques to predict your data for you.

MAY 31 - Complex laboratory workflow hands-on session: participate in a longer workshop on the second day of the UGM. We will

  1. start with task assignment in Design Hub
  2. create experiments to synthesize the assigned compounds in our newest Notebook
  3. work in LabCup's integrated inventory system
  4. perform a two-step registration in Compound Registration, fix occuring errors
  5. after a short break, work with assay results, upload them to Assay
  6. run visualization in Tableau
  7. return to Design Hub and analyse results further