9TH European Variety in University Chemistry Education Conference

Jul 7 – 9, 2021 · Online

The conference is organized by the EuCheMS Division of Chemical Education, the European counterpart of the UK conference "Variety in Chemistry Education" and is devoted to practical aspects of chemical education at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. The event brings together chemistry lecturers and educational professionals to improve understanding of chemistry teaching and learning.

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Online support of organic chemistry classes with Zosimos

Erika Biró1, Zoltán Szabó1 1 ChemAxon Ltd, Záhony utca 7, Budapest, 1031, Hungary

Corresponding author: [email protected]

Organic chemistry is one of the fastest-paced courses a chemistry student has to take. The subject relies heavily on structural representations. Interpreting, manipulating, and switching between the numerous structural representations is a complicated task for many students. To be able to predict the reactions and properties of organic molecules, students must practice organic chemistry little by little every week, and practice solving molecular representation and reaction drawing problems. We would like to present Zosimos , in the form of a workshop. Zosimos is an online chemistry educational tool that allows chemistry teachers to do practice and test with their students. Zosimos allows chemistry students to improve their knowledge of a wide range of organic structural representations (such as e.g. structural formulas, Lewis structures, three-dimensional representations), combine them in reactions, and get immediate feedback on their progress.

Workshop participants will be shown how to:

  • Insights from real classroom research experiences
  • Set up a virtual class
  • Create interactive online organic chemistry quizzes and exams (nomenclature, reaction mechanism, three-dimensional representations)
  • Share quizzes and exams with the students
  • Review the results of the students
  • Options to use Zosimos with other Learning Management Systems (like Moodle, Canvas, Blackboard...) will also be explored.