Professional Services

Our professional services clients are often in search of turnkey solutions - That’s when our strong backgrounds in Chemistry, Biology and IT are there to offer custom solutions for unique problems.
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How we work

Throughout our engagement with clients we strive to understand their workflow processes, ensuring that the final solution is most effective. We cover everything from scoping to solution outlining through development.

Once the project is ready for handover, it can be instantly applied by the client. During solution handover, and after deployment, we work with clients to transfer imperative knowledge of the technology; so that they are free to take the project forward without further need for ChemAxon’s professional services.

Customization and Integration

We allow our clients to customize their experience by tailoring to company needs or preferences. Solution integration is made simple with our professional services team’s deep understanding of the client’s workflow - from project conception, and in this manner, the ideal solution is established. The integration process is like a missing puzzle piece, and we promise a secure fit within the client’s already existing ecosystem.

Solution Support and Training

Our cooperation doesn’t have to end upon delivery. Our IT background, solution support for hosted and onsite services is conveniently maintained by us - as long as needed.

Training or even embedded support staff are also available upon client request to ensure a smooth transition. Offering relevant, quick and often local resources is simply executed when we have designated staff across Europe and the Americas - with strong partnerships in India, China and Japan.

Solving Your Problems

When it comes to creativity we have an endless supply. Custom development is made possible with our professional services team. We have the ability to bring ideas or new non-existing features to life by adding just the right ingredients to the solution. We often find ourselves indirectly migrating clients content and legacy processes; while applying and developing technologies to bring the entire system to a completed state.