Commercial Academic License Conditions

For research groups that build server-based services and portals supporting postgraduate research programs, or individual researchers affiliated with degree-granting educational institutions; we have introduced the Commercial Academic Research License program, which lets the research groups or individuals from educational areas use ChemAxon’s technology for their research activities. The main difference from the free academic package is that this license type grants access to shared, central or remote databases (enterprise functions are enabled) limited to users within your organization for commercial purposes under the conditions described below.

Which products are included?

How to obtain and maintain a Commercial Academic

  1. Read the general conditions and apply for the license in email by describing your project and affiliation(s).
  2. Your application will be reviewed. We may need additional details during the acceptance process.
  3. Once your application is accepted, you will be notified and invoiced in email.
  4. You must maintain the accuracy of your application. If the circumstances of your research project change, you need to ensure that it continues to comply with the Commercial Academic License terms. To review or amend your application please contact us.
  5. To access the software you should visit the product page for downloads and select the software required.

General conditions of offer

  1. The Commercial Academic License is assigned only to named individuals or groups (units, departments of degree granting educational settings) who carry out research funded by commercial entities or want to access shared, central or remote databases.
  2. The license keys cannot be transferred beyond the named individuals or groups for whom originally granted to use the functionality outside of the university or with unlicensed individuals.
  3. Only ChemAxon software listed above is included in the Commercial Academic Research License.
  4. No products, applications, services or any other delivery of software performance which contains the provided software are allowed without the written permission of ChemAxon.
  5. ChemAxon charges EUR 525 per user per year for the software provided within the Commercial Academic Research License. In regards to JChem PostgreSQL Cartridge this includes free usage for the first year, but from the second year additional charges apply which should be negotiated by ChemAxon sales. For inquiries please contact: [email protected]
  6. ChemAxon makes no charge for software upgrades or support provided via the Support Ticketing System for software provided within the Commercial Academic License.
  7. Any publications or presentations (if any) based upon implementations or data generated by provided software must cite ChemAxon. For specific citation information please see the "Citation Guide" below.
  8. Applicants and license holders must remain familiar with the conditions of the Commercial Academic Research License and maintain the accuracy of their applications according to the requested information and respond to requests to confirm the accuracy of application details.
  9. ChemAxon reserves the right to alter the conditions of the Commercial Academic Research License at any time. Any changes to these conditions will be shared with the license holders.

Citation Guide

We would like you to cite our software in your article using the following pattern:

Example: "Marvin was used for drawing, displaying and characterizing chemical structures, substructures and reactions, Marvin 17.21.0, ChemAxon ("

Special conditions of offer

The Commercial Academic License allows:
  1. obtaining license for all users (no need for each user to get and maintain their own licenses).
  2. centrally deploying and sharing data across all users using our JChem for Office, Instant JChem Enterprise and desktop applications.
  3. building custom or centralised data systems, using MarvinSketch, JChem or other technologies including various interfaces to curate, input, generate and report data and chemical structures.
  4. accessing or building shared systems for discovery functionality (clustering, library enumeration, structure characterization and virtual screening), and integrating within systems via server.
Under the Commercial Academic License, you may NOT
  1. share or distribute large numbers or batches of ChemAxon structure based calculations (Calculators) to external organizations except in the case where data derived from ChemAxon structure calculation is presented without the contributing ChemAxon data included. The reporting of a small number of ChemAxon structure generated data (approx. less than 100 structures) in support of reporting is permitted.
  2. have email or telephone support. ChemAxon provides assistance only through the Support Ticketing System as written above.
  3. expect guarantee of feature development.