Academic Program Education

For students, teachers and professors in secondary and higher education

From 1 February, 2022 Chemaxon's academic program is changing.
The table below shows the new bundles and options if you held an Academic Teaching license, or if you are a student using our software at class. Please note that the licenses and applications that we have received prior to February 1, 2022 are valid and the old rules will be applied to them.
NOTE: if your organization does not have school, university, college, polytechnic or the equivalent in local language in its name, you should probably read this page.

Chemicalize and Zosimos will grant you prompt access to our software, while you will need to go through an application process to get a Teaching or an Individual license key for limited Chemaxon software. Academic discount provides access to any software you need from our portfolio for a decreased fee.

Education in Secondary/High School Education in Higher Education - Universities, Colleges Research in Higher Education
Chemicalize - Basic Plan X X X
Zosimos X X
Teaching License X
Research License X X X
Academic Discount X X X


  • What is it? - Calculate phys-chem properties instantly, search chemical data and draw molecules online, from your browser
  • Products: Chemical search, calculations, drawing and name < > structure conversion
  • License type: no license, monthly subscription
  • Who is it for: Teachers, Ph.D. students, students and academic researchers
  • Get started:, login with your existing Chemaxon credentials


  • What is it? - Create practice and assessment quizzes to test your students’ chemistry knowledge
  • Products: Zosimos
  • License type: no license, free practicing with public quizzes and monthly subscription for classes
  • Who is it for: Teachers, students, academic institutions
  • Get started:
  • Do you have questions?: Reach out to us

Teaching License

  • What is it? - Free, 1 year license key for desktop product bundle that can be shared with class
  • Products: MarvinSketch with phys-chem calculators, Structure Checker and naming conversion
  • License type: Annual license key
  • Who is it for: Secondary/High Schools
  • Get started:Apply for Education

Research License

  • What is it? - 1 year license key for one individual to support thesis work or research project. The key is free, but you will need to provide contributions.
  • Products: MarvinSketch (including MolConvert, phys-chem calculations for a single compound, Structure Checker and name - structure conversion), JChem for Office Lite, Instant JChem Standard (without visualization)
  • License type: Free, annual license key that cannot be deployed on server, and cannot be shared
  • Who is it for: Professors, Ph.D. students, students and academic researchers
  • Get started: Apply for Research

Academic Discount

  • What is it? - Purchase Chemaxon product for academic use, with a 50% discount.
  • Products: Most of Chemaxon products can be included
  • License type: Different conditions may apply for individual products
  • Who is it for: Teachers, Ph.D. students, students and academic researchers
  • Get started: Reach out to us for a quote.
Do you have questions, or do you want to share your comments?
Ping us over here - please select the Academic & FreeWeb License Support at Team or Application field.