Academic License Conditions

Our free Academic Program aims to give schools and universities the basic tools to develop interactive chemistry teaching resources and advanced tools to enable students and staff to perform original research from within a single platform. Under the program, ChemAxon tools, ticket support and access to upgrades are available at no charge. Two major types of academic license keys are available: Academic License Key for Teaching and Academic License Key for Research. Our packages are extensively used around the globe.

How to obtain and maintain a free ChemAxon Academic License Key?

  1. First visit the ChemAxon Academic License Key website
  2. If you want to draw a chemical structure, use our calculation and naming capabilities - make sure to check the free Basic Plan of Chemicalize or get a free license key for MarvinSketch.
  3. Read the general conditions below and apply for the free academic license key if you think you will fulfill our requirements.
  4. Complete the application and submit.
  5. Your application will be reviewed. We may need additional details during the acceptance process.
  6. Once your application is accepted you can activate your license key on the My Licenses page.
  7. You must maintain the accuracy of your application. You will need to amend your application if you change or introduce new software use. You will also need to amend your application to inform about implementations or articles generated with data from these tools. To review or amend your application please log in and revisit your application page.
  8. To access the software you should visit the product page for downloads and select the software required.

If you have any questions about how to apply for, maintain or access software provided under the Academic License Key conditions please search our Support Ticketing System.

Which products are included?

Please note that this list might change.

Academic Research or Teaching License?

Common conditions: Both licenses are valid for two years; they are assigned to named individuals. The license keys, either for research or for teaching - cannot be transferred beyond individuals and groups identified here and cannot be deployed on server.


  • Academic Research License Key: The license key is granted for research purposes and the license keys provided are issued to named individuals, the license cannot be distributed. The terms of the license cite that, two-year subsequent licenses will be provided if publications can be demonstrated and ChemAxon is correctly cited. Please note, that you cannot share this license to carry out research in teams or build databases!
  • Academic Teaching License Key: The license is granted for teaching purposes and the license keys provided can be distributed to current members of the class(es), and in certain cases, of the department stated in the application, but the user number should never exceed 100. The term of the license is two years which can be extended anytime as long as the license holder teaches.

General conditions of offer

  1. The Academic License Key is only available to academic organizations.
  2. ChemAxon makes no charge for the provided software offered within the Academic License Program.
  3. ChemAxon makes no charge for software upgrades or support provided via the Support Ticketing System for software provided within the Academic License Program. However, academic license key holders accept that their support might have a lower priority. This means that support for urgent cases cannot be guaranteed by ChemAxon.
  4. With the exception of fees related to tuition neither the academic organization, commercial or academic partners nor any of its employees will receive funds or payments in kind related to the performance of the provided software.
  5. No products, applications, services or any other delivery of software performance which contains the provided software are allowed without the written permission of ChemAxon.
  6. All implementations of provided software should (when possible) credit ChemAxon by placing a logo with a link to, on all the relevant pages or sections of the implementation where the software is providing content. Please find our logo on the bottom of this page.
  7. Any publications or presentations based upon implementations or data generated by provided software must cite ChemAxon. For specific citation information, please see our details below.
  8. Applicants and license key holders must remain familiar with the conditions of the Academic License Program and maintain the accuracy of their applications according to the requested information, and respond to confirmation requests with the accurate application details.
  9. ChemAxon reserves the right to alter the conditions of the Academic License Program at any time. Any changes to these conditions will be emailed to the valid license holders.

Citation Guide

We would like you to cite our software in your article using the following pattern:

Example: "Marvin was used for drawing, displaying and characterizing chemical structures, substructures and reactions, Marvin 17.21.0, ChemAxon ("